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Graduation. And now?

After a PORR apprenticeship the sky is the limit.

Every opportunity for the future is open to you after completing a PORR apprenticeship. Your motivation, hard work and passion for the job are the foundation for your success. 
Here are some options after completing an apprenticeship at PORR:


Apprenticeship as career launch pad at PORR: Interview with Paul Preg

Paul Preg has had a meteoric career: from apprentice to division head of civil engineering at Nägele in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Bricklayer apprenticeship at Nägele, a PORR group subsidiary
Final apprenticeship examination
1976 – 1980
Skilled worker at Nägele & graduation from construction trade school
1980 – 1982
Construction technician at Nägele
The next career step to site manager
since 1992
Head of civil engineering at Nägele. Paul Preg is responsible for projects in road construction, structural engineering/concrete construction, pipeline construction, hydraulic engineering and outdoor facilities.

Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH is a PORR Group subsidiary. Nägele has its headquarters in Röthis/Vorarlberg and employs around 180 staff. As a specialist partner for building construction and civil engineering, the team mainly operates in Vorarlberg, eastern Switzerland and southern Germany. 
Paul Preg was born in Rankweil in 1956. He is married and has two children. Outside of work, he enjoys cycling, hiking through the Vorarlberg mountains and relaxing with the gardening.

What made you decide to do a bricklayer apprenticeship?

There were role models among my acquaintances so I already had an idea of what’s involved in the construction business. I have always enjoyed working outdoors. But the best thing is the tangible achievements: at the end of the day you can actually see what you have done.

What was the greatest challenge during your time as an apprentice?

The cold in winter and the heat in summer! That never changes. And of course the physical work is also tiring. There were low points from time, but I always got through them. And that’s all that matters.

What do you do in your current position as head of civil engineering?

I am responsible for our staff and projects in road construction, structural engineering/concrete construction, pipeline construction, hydraulic engineering and outdoor facilities, mainly in Vorarlberg, eastern Switzerland and southern Germany.

What are you especially proud of?

It’s a great feeling when I’m travelling around the area and driving on roads that I actually helped build. Then I look at the pipelines that I have achieved together with my colleagues. That’s really cool!

What’s the best thing about working in construction?

I’m always learning something new. After all, in the construction industry things change so quickly that you can never get bored. And what’s more, in our job we deal with a lot of very different people. Our team spirit is the make-or-break factor in whether I enjoy my work.

What advice would you give to young colleagues?

It’s important that you make your contribution and that you’re open to new things. It is essential that you keep on learning. You should never stick your head in the sand, even if it’s sometimes boring. Things will always progress and there’s always something new around the corner. And you have to be open to this!