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What you learn with us.

Electricians work in plant and industrial engineering, where they are responsible for planning, assembling, installing, maintaining and repairing electric and electronic components. They also work in industrial and commercial electrical enterprises, on construction sites and do contract work for special maintenance and service companies.

What you bring to us.

  • You are highly committed, an enthusiastic worker and physically fit.
  • You are good with your hands and technically competent.
  • You are a team player and always ready to help and support your colleagues.

Apprenticeship overview.

Apprenticeship period: 3.5 years
Vocational school: 11 weeks/year

Apprentice pay, gross/month.

First year apprentice: € 1.042,43
Second year apprentice: € 1.562,79
Third year apprentice: € 2.084,85

Dual apprenticeship - fourth year apprentice: € 2.344,19