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Construction plant and equipment engineer

What you learn with us.

Construction plant and equipment engineers maintain and repair all kinds of machinery, tools and plants used in construction. Depending on their specialisation, they may also be involved with building, manufacturing and assembling construction machinery. They either work in a workshop or directly on the construction sites.

What you bring to us.

  • You are highly committed, an enthusiastic worker and physically fit.
  • You are good with your hands and technically competent.
  • You are a team player and always ready to help and support your colleagues.

Apprenticeship overview.

Apprenticeship period: 3.5 years
Vocational school: 10 weeks/year

Apprentice pay, gross/month.

First year apprentice: € 1.042,43
Second year apprentice: € 1.562,79
Third year apprentice: € 2.084,85

Dual apprenticeship - fourth year apprentice: € 2.344,19