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Construction assistant

What you learn with us.

As a construction assistant, you will take on commercial and administrative tasks on the construction site, where you are the right hand of site management. You will maintain an overview of all necessary building materials, and also provide support during accounting. You are comfortable with both the theory and practice of reading plans, surveying sites and components, and calculating quantities.

What you bring to us.

  • You have a talent for organisation, can coordinate workflows and enjoy planning schedules.
  • You have excellent spoken and written language skills.
  • You are interested in technology and comfortable using MS Office.

Apprenticeship overview.

Apprenticeship period: 3 years
Vocational school: 10 weeks/year

Apprentice pay, gross/month.

First year apprentice: € 795,00
Second year apprentice: € 1.021,00
Third year apprentice: € 1.267,00

Dual apprenticeship - fourth year apprentice: € 2.344,19