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Architectural draughtsperson

What you learn with us.

As an architectural draughtsperson, you will produce drawings, plans and much more. Starting from individual components, superstructures, and sections, you will eventually create a visualisation of the whole building. Your drawings are fundamental information for further working steps. You will also measure components and building objects on the construction site itself.

What you bring to us.

  • You have very good spatial awareness and are interested in technology.
  • You are manually adept and enjoy working at a computer.
  • You are good at crunching numbers and working with logical sequences.

Apprenticeship overview.

Apprenticeship period: 3 years
Vocational school: 10 weeks/year

Apprentice pay, gross/month.

First year apprentice: € 795,00
Second year apprentice: € 1.021,00
Third year apprentice: € 1.267,00

Dual apprenticeship - fourth year apprentice: € 2.344,19