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Additional training

Occupational health and safety, teamwork and cultural collaboration as training focal point.

Additional training is managed by expert trainers from the BAUakademie (construction academy) or qualified site managers from the individual branch offices.
There are an extra five training weeks at the training-construction-site in addition to the specified curriculum. This allows you to perfect your skills without any time pressure whatsoever, away from your everyday work on the construction site. Experienced trainers and practitioners show you how to do everything properly in individual work steps. This is how you can apply the theory you have learnt directly in practice.
In a two-week training programme you gain comprehensive theory and practice on issues such as:

  • Occupational health & safety
  • Formwork and concrete construction (in-situ concrete/prefab construction)
  • Surveying technology
  • Pipeline construction
  • Plastering
  • including appropriate expert lectures and discussions 

The focal point “personal development” enables you to learn how to handle conflict, or, even better, how a conflict-free environment is maintained. Furthermore, the top trainers show how to employ a respectful approach to different cultures or how to avoid violence or alcohol dependency. After all, our responsibility for our staff is an essential part of every aspect.