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Apprentice training

Theory and lots of practice: the three pillars of the PORR apprentice training.

Apprentice training at PORR is based on three pillars:


Your training at the BAUakademie (construction academy)

In the BAUakademie (construction academy) you learn and practise practical skills that you have not yet learnt on the construction site or in the vocational school. This additional training is held at the training-construction-site and runs for two to three weeks per academic year.

Vocational school for construction vocations

In the vocational school for construction vocations you learn the theoretical basis for the art of construction. The lessons take up about ten weeks of the school year on average. The school weeks are blocked, meaning that you don’t work on the construction site during these periods.

Working on the construction site

You learn how to handle tools and materials in your everyday work. Your trainer explains the individual work steps and ensures that you do everything properly. It goes without saying that you also learn the precautions and safety awareness needed on any construction site.
Teamwork breeds success: during your apprenticeship, there are always colleagues by your side to answer any questions you may have. In addition you have the support of eLearning programmes for the final apprenticeship exam, including topics such as on-site safety. This gives you the optimal preparation for graduation.
The best of the best: our high-fliers are always willing to put their skills to the test. They participate in competitions that allow their expertise to shine through.